Gift Baskets & Cookies
Gift Baskets

Gift baskets for all your holiday needs, Treat your clients, friends and family to all their favorites. Each basket has an assortment of sweet breads, pastries and holiday cookies.

Small Basket $18 serves up to five

Medium Basket $28 serves up to ten

Large Basket $54 serves up to twenty
Holiday Cookie Menu

Cookie Platters (packaged to match the holiday season)
Large Platter (approximately 5 lbs)
Small Platter (approximately 3 lbs)

Cut Outs
All-butter batter. Holiday themed and iced.
$12.50 per dozen

Butter & cream cheese batter. Regular or anise flavor.
$8.25 per dozen

Wedding Cakes
A melt in your mouth cookie made with pecans.
$8.25 per dozen

Thumb Prints
Made with raspberry or apricot jam.
$9.25 per dozen

Chocolate Biscotti
Perfect with a hot cup of coffee or tea at that next morning meeting
$9.25 per dozen

Lime Melt Aways
Small shortbread cookie with lime zest and powdered sugar
$8.25 per dozen

Heavenly mounds of coconut
$9.25 per dozen

Short Bread Cookies
Great for dunking
$8.25 per dozen

Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Chocolate chip cookie that's bigger than the palm of your hand
$1.50 per cookie

Cut Out Cookie Dough
All-butter cookie dough ready for your oven
$6.00 per pound

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